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People with VC10s

The VC10 often served as a backdrop for a group photo, so I figured I might as well gather these shots together on one page. Due to size constraints it won't be possible to recognise everyone on all these photos but hopefully some faces will trigger a memory. Please let me know if you do recognise someone (who is not named below the photo), as I'd like to know more about some of these images.

Photo BAE SYSTEMS / Brooklands Museum archives

Photo BAE SYSTEMS / Brooklands Museum archives


Photo BAE Systems / Brooklands Museum archives

1. I don't know who these people are but the airframe behind them is the 13th BOAC Super VC10, also known as G-ASGM, having its wings fitted on the W1 assembly line.
2. Even though there's no aircraft in this photo, I had to include it. This is the VC10 systems team that designed all the systems that bring the aircraft to life.
3. I'm pretty sure that XR806 is at the Brooklands factory site, and the group almost looks like a school visit. I don't know anything else unfortunately.
4. Prior to the handover to EAA a group photo was taken at Wisley in front of the final VC10 that was built, 5H-MOG.

Photo via K. White

Photo via K. White

Photo collection J. Hieminga via C. Knott

Photo J. Hieminga

1. A Base Squadron VC10 team having prepared an aircraft for a Royal Flight. XV107 is the backdrop in this case.
2. VC10 Base Flight in front of VC10 C Mk. 1 XV107.
3. I would love to know more about this gathering. Based on the shirts, this was probably at Bournemouth and it was in August 1984 in front of a very new K2 tanker.
4. Julian Temple, Famke, 'Ginger' Wright, Mike Roach, Jasper, Wouter and Francois. These four students spent three months at the museum as an internship project while other groups rotated for shorter periods during the Brooklands Museum summer project.

Photo D. Ayton

Photo J. Hieminga

Photo J. Hieminga

Photo C. Schaarden

1. On 28th June 2012 101 Squadron gathered at Brooklands to celebrate the squadron's 95th anniversary, and the 50th anniversary of the prototype's first flight.
2. Dignitiaries and crew after ZA150's last landing: Chris Orlebar, Julian Temple, Karen McKenna, Valerie Mills, Alan Winn, Robin Voice, Flt Lt Shane Stiger, Sqn Ldr Tim Kemp, Flt Lt Kev Booth, Flt Lt Bruce Thompson, Penelope Keith, Lord Trefgarne, David McAllister, Jim McAllister.
3. XR808 is the backdrop here, on 25th September 2013, for the project JAVELIN team. This was the BAE / RAF team that managed the downsizing of the VC10 fleet and the use of reclaimed parts to keep the remaining VC10s flying for as long as they did.
4. I had to include this one, even though it is a smaller gathering on the same day. ZA147's crew for the final ever VC10 flight: Cat Thompson, Paul Smith, Steve Lushington, Trev Colley, John Douglas and Jules Rolfe.



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