G-ARVM at White Waltham in 1977

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Jelle Hieminga
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G-ARVM at White Waltham in 1977

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Have a look at this, particularly from 2:44 minutes on...
Buttons . . . check. Dials . . . check. Switches . . . check. Little
colored lights . . . check.

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Re: G-ARVM at White Waltham in 1977

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Excellent find Jelle. With the video evidence one can now see how it was done. And you can see also why the pilot of the A320 at Habsheim got it so wrong. By allowing the engines to run down to idle which has been and is always a cardinal sin for jets at low altitude.
In the video the engines sound to be at at least 80%n2 which would be correct. Whether auto throttle was engaged or not I can't say. A rather good demonstration of ground effect too. The only thing to remember whilst attempting this manoeuvre is that it is quite advantagious to keep the wings level!!

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Re: G-ARVM at White Waltham in 1977

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Wish I was there, what a sight and sound that must have been!

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