A place to discuss scale variants of the VC10 design. Topics about die-cast models, kits or any other scale versions are welcome.
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jeff morgan


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Hello, My name is Jeff Morgan and I'm currently the Head of VC10 Maintenance at RAF St Athan. For the last 6 months I've tried hard to locate an Airfix( or any other maker) still selling models of a VC10.
I don't mind which Mk of aircraft is available I just want to build it and put it in "pride of place" on my desk
Any suggestions as to where I can find one ?

Jelle Hieminga
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VC10 models - a bit of info

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Hi Jeff,

Models of the VC10 used to be pretty hard to find but it is slowly getting easier. Here are some options, cheapest/easiest first:

1. Airfix has a VC10 K2 model in 1/144 scale. Look on their website for model 04026. There is also some info on this model on the 'News' page on my site: Price: approx 9 pounds.

2. Welsh models have several options in 1/144 scale but they make vacuform kits which are a bit harder to put together. Their website is: I know they have a VC10 K3/K4 in their current range but there used to be kits for the BOAC Super and Standard too I think, these might still be available in some (specialist) stores. Price: approx 22 pounds.

3. If you don't want to put anything together you can look at the site of the Collectors Aircraft Models at: for 'Heathrow Models'. They make solid metal 1/200 scale models in various liveries but this will set you back some 110 pounds!

4. Even more impressive are the models from British Classic Aircraft, on the same website at: ... c%20Models. These are 1/100 scale and made to display on a desktop stand. Only available in three civil liveries and at a hefty price: nearly 300 pounds!

5. If you even want to beat that you'll need either an old travel agent model (for info and examples: ... /page1.htm), but these are only available from collectors or if you're extremely lucky from Ebay or something like that. Or the second option is a wooden handcrafted (unpainted finish) model. I will have to look up the address for them if anyone is interested, but this will not be cheap!

I think that about covers everything available these days. If anybody else has more info please let us know!

Obviously the best bet would be to go for the Airfix model as they should be pretty easy to find and otherwise they can be ordered through the website. Hope this helps Jeff!

Jelle Hieminga.
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VC10 Models

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You can still get hold of the old Airfix VC10 kits, but they are a bit expensive. Try . Your best bet is as Jelle says though the updated VC10 K2, even though they ae all dead now. Nice to see Airfix is on the ball.

Jeff, can you email me direct, I have a further question for you that you should be able to help me with.

Tonks :D

Laurie Gutsell

VC 10 Models

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Probably sucking eggs etc but have you tried 10 Ops at BZN. They used to have all that type of thing.

Super Ray


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Jeff you fool, there on sale at rear freight for ages now, i bought one though in antics, st marys street

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