Ex Brize LSS A shift 75 to 79

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nick gurr
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Ex Brize LSS A shift 75 to 79

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Anyone on here from those days, also role equipment? JJ Johnson, John Stift,Alan Whittle.
Good days, good fellows.

Murray Keene
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Re: Ex Brize LSS A shift 75 to 79

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Hi mate I was at BZN 77 - 82 I started off in Base hangar then did a few years on LSS but cant remember the shift, the old memory is going :? I then went to be a Roley and remember a few of the team.

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Re: Ex Brize LSS A shift 75 to 79

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Hi folks, this is an old thread, but of interest to me. I have just found the forum so bear with me??

I was at Brize on LSS A shift from 68 to May 74 and have been trying to get in touch with an old mate for an age now. I came out when I got to my 30th birthday but Andy Dyer, elekky, stayed on and as far as I know stayed in until 50 or 55? He finished up as a Cheify as far as I know. I would love to get in touch again as apart from owt else I was his best man!! I too was a elekky and for anyone with a long memory I was the only Sgt in the Sgts Mess with a beard for the last year in the mob!!

I loved my time on the 10s, shame it was on the Belslugs too, bit hey-ho :shock: :shock:

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