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VC10der, Loving Carers section temporarily closed

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:47 pm
by Jelle Hieminga
Hello all,

You may have noticed that the VC10der, Loving Carers section which was on the forum has mysteriously disappeared. This was done at the request of Dave and Rich. It is not gone, the posts are still there (most of them have been moved into the Discussions section) and I can easily reinstate the section at a later date. The group is still in the early days of getting organised and because of this may need to tread lightly at times. It was felt that having the open discussion section here was perhaps a bit too soon.

The only difference is that we need to take the ZD241 and VC10der, Loving Carers questions into the main sections here where they are also very welcome.

Thanks, Jelle.