VC10 Fleet managers

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VC10 Fleet managers

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I was chatting away with John Davys at a BBQ on Sunday, someone who has known me scince before I could talk I suspect and he mentioned he was the BA VC10 fleet manager something I never knew, I imagine he was the last, he flew tristars later. He was interested to know that 241 was 'GM and still about and is a big supporter of XH588. He also mentioned being amused while watching boeings diggers attempt to break a VC10 wing box , and said it just mad a 'bong' each time it hit it.

Who were the other fleet managers?

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Re: VC10 Fleet managers

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Interesting bit of info about John Davis! I know that 'Flaps' Rendall was the first VC10 chief pilot but don't have any other names available right now.
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Re: VC10 Fleet managers

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I believe Jerry Lichfield was a FM at one time but can't be sure.

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