ASI sources

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ASI sources

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Can anybody help me?

After G-ARVB was damaged by hail in 1968 (see Incidents and Accidents in this website) BOAC introduced a modification which added a selector switch on the co-pilot's selector panel to permit the connection of the P3 pitot probe to the co-pilot’s and captain’s ASI. I have 4 questions:-

1. Before this modification, was the E/O’s ASI (bottom aft corner of his panel) connected to this P3 probe such that he had an independent indication of airspeed?

2. Did this mean that there were 3 independent indications from 3 independent pitot sources (captain, co-pilot, engineer).

3. When was the modification to connect the P3 source via a selector switch started?

4. When was this modification process completed?
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