Birds' Nests

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Birds' Nests

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As I recall, a regular part of First Line work at Brize way back was to carry out Bird Nest Checks, to ensure that nothing had begun to nest or roost anywhere within the tail fins. I can see why now. Last Saturday, at the May Duxford Airshow, I was near to G-ASGC and spotted a blackbird (or a black bird) slipping in and out of a space between the top of the rudder and the tailplane bullet.
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Re: Birds' Nests

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We've a family of Crows living in the RH Heat Changer inlet on 150. We have the blanks but until recently we didn't have the means to get up there. Still the chicks had a nice tour of Dunsfold yesterday!

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Re: Birds' Nests

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From what I remember Bird Nest Checks (BNC's) were carried out March to May (although this was subject to change by the bird man at Bzn)

Their favourite spots were undercarriage bays, inside PFCU panels and the APU exhaust!

Depending on equipment available, BNCs could take a while by the time you had opened up all the PFCU panels checked all intakes, holes and crevices!

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Re: Birds' Nests

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We found a few interesting ones in A4O-AB as well. This one was behind the bottom rudder PCU panel. (Photo from 1998)
And a year later this one turned up behind the aileron PCU panel. We plugged up all the holes with chicken wire as a precaution...
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