Free VC10 ???

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Free VC10 ???

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Back in the mid 1960's I remember my mum taking me to buy new school shoes (yuk). It's always important to dislike the one's she likes. However just as the fitter was taking back the shoes I obvously disliked she turned round and said "Oooh! these have a model plane that comes with them its a V...C...10". "But..but...but.." I said "I didn't say I didn't totally dislike them" (lies...lies...lies...) :-)////) .Mum totally puzzled by the sudden turn around bought the shoes.
Does anybody remember these little models (about 4" long) grey plastic that came with I think "TUFF" shoes ...and no.. no compass in the heel.
Can't remember what happened to mine. :-({{|=

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Re: Free VC10 ???

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Yes ! I remember this in the late 60s ? Goldbergs in Glasgow I got this twice then I remember being disappointed when the VC10 was replaced with a Formula I car poster. I wanted the space shoes with lunar landscape on soles with built in compass , but my mum would not buy them !


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