Silhouette drawings and vector files

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Silhouette drawings and vector files

Post by Aerotiques »

I have a business building artwork and furniture from aircraft parts. We have recently acquired a number of VC10 parts, panels and engine components and are experimenting with some ideas. Are there any 3D plans, graphics, vector diagrams etc of the aircraft that we might be able to use for markings and logos etc? Grateful for any pointers...

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Re: Silhouette drawings and vector files

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Hello, there is certainly some stuff out there but it depends a bit on what you would like to do with the stuff you have. Are you after RAF markings only for example?

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Re: Silhouette drawings and vector files

Post by Hokum_52 »

I'm interested as well! Right now, I don't have a purpose for them, but I've got two plans that could change that in the near future: the purchase of a house in Greece, and my comeback in the world of R/C aeromodelism... I've already done, ages ago, a couple perfectly operational planes (a P-51D, a Mosquito and a MiG-15!) that I flew in the countryside, but I've lived in a city since then, and I'd like to show this world to my son... so that he'll never have money for drugs or alcohol :lol:

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