XR808 Trivia

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XR808 Trivia

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In June 1978 I went to Boscombe Down with XV109 for tests to be carried on the feasibility of the VC10 being used as a tanker. On one of the visits took some Boscombe Down personnel for a flight with various aircraft joining us. ie Victor, Hunter, Lightning, Harrier etc. XR808 was the VC10 that joined us so that was probably the first simulated flight refueling formations for the VC10. Here is a couple of pictures of XR808 I took. Sorry they are poor quality.
VC10XR808 .jpg
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Re: XR808 Trivia

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Nice to see the clean lines again after so long with probes and pods spoiling it. When I got to Bzn They were not fitted so I was used to the comments down route about how clean the kite looked. Still got them after the fit but it had lost something.
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