Whats happening with ZD241 now?

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Whats happening with ZD241 now?

Post by Stewart »

After hearing the 'BOB' is to be kept as a runner I am wodering whats happening with G-ASGM, as that aircraft is already on the civil register with the CAA and as such the last chance of a flying VC-10 happening. While its condidtion may not be the best as far as red tape is concerned its a far better bet than 'BOB' could ever be as 'BOB' has never been a civil AC. Pity non ended up in the USA, and it seems the FAA will alow near enough anything with 'Experemental' written on it to fly (Just how experemental is a B17?)

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Re: Whats happening with ZD241 now?

Post by Magnum »

G-ASGM ceased to be registered as a civil aircraft in 1988. As such it is now classed as a military aircraft and is classed as being a 'complex' type and would require a lot more work than people seem to think.

The first thing any project like this would need is funding, we were given an estimated figure in excess of £1million just as a starting point. When VC10der Loving Carers first looked into this idea last year we hit red tape at every turn and had pretty much every door slammed in our face.

The VC10 just doesn't have the public profile to generate the interest and money it would take sadly.

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Re: Whats happening with ZD241 now?

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..if only it had been me who won the Euro Lotto jackpot of £158 million..... :-({{|=

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