Roll call for Brize Photoshoot on Sunday

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Flour Power
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Re: Roll call for Brize Photoshoot on Sunday

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Just back from Brize and not sure I've got the nerve to look at my images just yet.

Massive thanks to everyone that put on today's event. The aircrew were fantastic with the chaps in the VC10 being particularly entertaining. You all deserve a mammoth =D> !
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Re: Roll call for Brize Photoshoot on Sunday

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Well what a fantastic day it was at yesterdays Brize Norton photo shoot day.The sun shone, the VC10,Tristar and Hercules were open to all with informative and amusing aircrew on board.A big thankyou must of course go to 216 Squadron and everyone else who made the day happen.
It was also great to get the opportunity to catch up with various people including Jelle and to meet some new faces.I also did a good job modelling the VC10 Tribute shirt!! Quite a few people came up to me asking where they were being sold on the day.I think Helen and Andy may have a few more orders coming their way :D All ive got to do now is sort through all the photos i took and then make sure my batteries are charged for Dunsfold tomorrow and Bruntingthorpe on Wednesday. :D
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Re: Roll call for Brize Photoshoot on Sunday

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Thank you Brooklands, a great job you did too! I look forward to seeing your photographs from the past weeks events! :D
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