Dunsfold VC10 Vandalised.

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Dunsfold VC10 Vandalised.

Post by Stratosphere »

I was appalled to hear of the breakin and vandalisam of the VC10 at Dunsfold recently.
Does anyone have any further Knowledge of this appalling incident? :x
Also saying Hello as a new member, Ex ATC cadet from long ago who loves the Queen of the Skys.

Jelle Hieminga
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Re: Dunsfold VC10 Vandalised.

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Welcome! According to the team that looks after ZA150, the damage to the VC10 is not that serious. Mostly cosmetic, and easily cleaned up. The other aircraft, the 'James Bond' 747 and an airworthy twin, were severely damaged unfortunately. Hopefully they will be able to catch the lowlifes that did this.
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Re: Dunsfold VC10 Vandalised.

Post by Scheffel »

Talk about mindless stupidity. Why would somebody do this?

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Re: Dunsfold VC10 Vandalised.

Post by Hokum_52 »

Yeah, there are sadly such bouts of thoughtless destruction just for the sake of breaking something by deranged people or unmanaged youth, and it's getting increasingly common... Although it is far from being a new issue, my grandparents had problems with kids breaking farm equipment and running in crops in the 50s :lol:
ANd it's sad to see that they choose, for the thrill, to break and damage what matters to people: historical monuments and objects (like a plane, for example), personal works (there was recently a railroad model show that had all of what exposed broken by kids in the night), or even, in the worst case, actual, living, pets.

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