Airport code for Brize

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Airport code for Brize

Post by peak45139 »

Why is it that both the RAF & people on this forum refer to Brize Norton as "BZN"? BZN is the code for Yellowstone Airport in the USA & the correct code for Brize is BZZ? Check the internet!

I work at R.R. & the engine stands that the TriStar engines fit to for transportation all have "return to BZN" painted on them. Why isn't the correct "BZZ" code used for Brize?

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Re: Airport code for Brize

Post by ICM »

In truth, I've no idea why - but I can assure you that the usage was well-entrenched by the early 1970s, well before the internet and, very possibly, before the existence of that Yellowstone Airport. With no Flight Planning documents to hand these days, I can't be certain, but I suspect that the identifier for the Brize ILS etc was set as 'BZN' from at least its immediate post-USAF days. But I also seem to recall that the OFTS and SITA designators for the station began with BZZ. Whatever the case, I rather doubt that there's ever been a serious mixup of the two destinations.

(And I've a funny feeling that Lyneham existed as both LYE and LYN, depending on where you looked.)
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Re: Airport code for Brize

Post by Tonkenna »

I often use BZN when shortening Brize in chat... I guess it makes sense as in BriZe Norton. Yeh, every one knows its not correct but habits die hard. When looking for info (such as met or NOTAMs) I would generally use EGVN anyway...

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Re: Airport code for Brize

Post by petet16 »

The most likely reason that you see BZN on support equipment like engine stands etc is because they are inventory items and in that context the RAF uses a contraction of the Parent station to identify items so Brize Norton became BZN, Honington was HON, St Athan curiously was MSA, and so on

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Re: Airport code for Brize

Post by Jelle Hieminga »

Different organisations use different code systems. BZZ is the IATA code, a system most used by tour operators, travel agents, ticket providers etc. On the operational side, ATC and pilots use the ICAO codes, which for Brize is EGVN as mentioned. And then the RAF uses its own system again... :wink:
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Re: Airport code for Brize

Post by Manxman »

I just find things simpler to use ICAO codes across the board, so I only use EGVN for Brize, trouble is it isn't always as easy to remember ICAOs for everywhere.

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