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Some of the pages that I find interesting....
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VC10 Sites:

VC10 on Wikipedia

VC10 page on Simply Planes - A page with numerous photos and video of the recent years, including delivery flights to Bruntingthorpe

ZA150 Facebook page - A Facebook login is needed for this page

ZD241 Preservation Group - The (online) home of ZD241 at Bruntingthorpe

ZD241 Facebook page -A Facebook login is needed for this page

XR808 Facebook page

Info on Museums Exhibiting VC10s or parts:

Brooklands Museum

Flugausstellung Junior, Hermeskeil

Imperial War Museum, Duxford

Duxford Aviation Society - The group that owns and looks after the airliners at Duxford, including Super VC10 G-ASGC.

Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre

GJD Services - This company owns and looks after ZD241 at Bruntingthorpe.

RAF Museum Cosford - G-ARVM moved to the Brooklands Museum but XR808 can now be found here.

East Midlands Aeropark - The forward fuselage of XV108 is preserved here.

Avro Heritage Museum - The cockpit section of XV106 is preserved at Woodford.

Al Mahatta museum, Sharjah - The forward fuselage of ZA149, ex 5X-UVJ, is on display masquerading as a Gulf Air VC10.

South Wales Aviation Museum - The forward fuselages of XV104 and XV109 are stored here with plans to have them on display at the museum at a later stage.

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust - Small items and a Conway engine are on display

VC10 Operators:

Better On A Camel - Memories of the BOAC days

BOAC-Heritage - A website about BOAC, keeping the memory of this airline alive

British Caledonian

East African Airways - A new site about this African airline!

East African Airways - Tony Edlind's site about EAA

East African Airways - A photo page from 'Memories of East Africa' showing aircraft and typical scenery

10 Squadron Association

101 Squadron Association

Bedford Aeronautical Heritage Group - Preserving the history of the Royal Aeronautical Establishment Bedford

Hucknall Flight Test Museum - Preserving the history of the Rolls Royce's Hucknall Flight Test Centre

Royal Air Force Website

RAF Brize Norton Homepage


VC10s for Flight Simulator

Classic British Flight Sim
David Maltby's Flight Simulator Add-ons

Just Flight - A VC10 is available...

Addictive Simulations

Flightsim Software

VC10 Models

Airfix Website - a VC10 K2 was available, model 04026 is unfortunately no longer included in the Airfix lineup

Welsh Models - VC10 K3/K4 available as a vacuform kit

RAM Models - They sell decal sheets but a 1/72 Vac form VC10 kit may be in the works!

VC10 large scale travel agent models - Not for sale unfortunately!

Corgi Aviation Archive - five 1/144 scale versions have been released so far

SMTS Models - 1/200 scale models of Standard and Super VC10s, available from Aviation Retail Direct as Sky Classics

Gemini Jets - 1/400 scale Super and Standard VC10s

Flight Miniature Resellers - One of their product lines is 'Inflight 500' which includes 1/500 scale VC10 models

Yesterday's airlines - VC10s in 1:400 scale - A review of the 1/400 scale VC10 models that have been produced.


VC10 Related Info and Pictures:

Airline Hobby Store - Look here for plastic model kits and decals to build your own VC10 - Includes several VC10 pictures

Airline Postcards - Bill Demarest's huge archive of aviation themed postcards, search for VC10

AirPixbyCaz - Aviation photos by Caz Caswell, many shots from the 60's and 70's (moved to Flickr)

Big Cat Media - This company produces lovely T-shirts with various retro aviation logos and aircraft types, including BOAC and VC10 shirts.

British Airways Museum - Images and info on the BA Museum collection of airliner models

Clivedon, VC10 Tie Pins

Colin's Pictures

DeltaWings VC10 Page - VC10 Drawings

F4 Aviation - This site has an excellent article on the VC10

FlightGlobal Archive - All the Flight International articles online, browse by year or search for VC10

GRE Classics - This site is run by Sir George Edwards' granddaughter and sells high quality British made engineered art pieces that reflect Sir George's values
Hansen Fine Art - Have a look at 'Aviation Art' and then 'Airliner Art' to find two beautiful BOAC VC10 prints
Howles' bit of universe - Includes very interesting VC10 maintenance photos

NTSB database extract - Separation incident over the Atlantic

Old Oppos - Find (ex-)members of the armed forces through this site

Royal Air Force VC10 Information

Royal Air Force Gan - A tribute to a former daily stop for 'Shiny Tens', look for them in the pictures

Richard Caville's Airliner photo's - Just one VC10 photo for now but perhaps more to come?

TenWeb - This website has not been updated for several years now, the owner uses it to promote his MS Flightsim products.

The VC10 in cross stitch - For the real enthusiast with too much spare time

The VC10 on a phonecard - An extensive site that lists all the UK military serials, including of course all the RAF VC10s.

VC10 and other Vickers Aircraft on

VC10 photos on MilAirPix

VC10 Aircraft Ground Engineers Association

Video material showing VC10s - various clips showing VC10s can be downloaded from the Pathe archives


VC10 books:

Scoval Publishing - Publisher for Scott Henderson's VC10 books

Haynes - Publisher of the VC10 manual from Keith Wilson

Pen & Sword - Publisher of Lance Cole's book about the VC10 and BOAC


Other Aircraft Types:

BAC One-Eleven

BAe/Aerospatiale Concorde

Heritage Concorde - Chronicling restoration work on various preserved Concordes

Bristol Britannia - The Britannia Aircraft Preservation Society

Canadair CL44

Ex-FRADU Hunters

Hawker Siddeley Trident - Website now merged with 'G-AWZK' site

OldProps - No VC10 pictures but includes other Vickers aircraft

Thunder & Lightnings - Damien Burke's excellent site on British military jets

The Vimy project

Vickers - A great site with many photos of the Vickers Viscount propjet

Viscount Stephen Piercey - A website dedicated to Viscount 'Stephen Piercey' at the Brooklands Museum

Vickers Viscount - Viscount fan site

Vulcan XH558

The 655 Maintenance & Preservation Society




Professional Pilots Rumour Network

Key publishing Flypast Forums

Classic British Aviation Forum - Want to discuss British Airliners? Try this place (after you've visited the VC10 forum of course).

Iconic Aircraft


More Museums:

Museum of Berkshire Aviation

Virtual Aviation Museum on the Internet


Operators of Historic Aircraft:

Duke of Brabant AirForce - Now merged with the Royal Netherlands Airforce Historical Flight

The Fighter Collection



More Aviation Related Sites

Aircraft Accident Investigation Branch

Airliner Production lists

Aviation Picture Hangar

Aviation Safety Net


Shopping & Downloads

Airline T-shirts

Amazon Bookstore

Vickers Vanguard Video



Aeroplane Monthly

Flypast Magazine



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