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The VC10 at 50 - 29 June 2012

With the first flight of G-ARTA on 29th June 1962, 2012 sees the 50th anniversary of the VC10 design. This occasion was celebrated at the Brooklands Museum on the anniversary of this first take-off. On this day many VC10 fans gathered at the museum for VC10 birthday cake, talks by VC10 designers, pilots and others.

Event Chairman: Max Kingsley-Jones
Guest of honour: Mrs. Angela Newton

Guest Speakers:

  • David Haward - 'VC10 Design and Ground Testing'
  • Mike Salisbury - 'Some Aspects of VC10 Flight Testing'
  • Alastair Pugh - 'Entry into Service'
  • Christopher Orlebar and Mike Bannister - 'Flying the VC10'
  • Wg Cdr K.P. Brookes and Sqn Ldr M. Lane - 'Operating RAF VC10s Today'
  • Josie Payne - 'VC10 Memories'
  • Richard King and David Parsons - 'HM The Sultan of Oman's VC10'


1. A4O-AB seen on the morning of 29th June 2012.
2. A week later would be the 25th anniversary of A4O-AB's last landing at Brooklands.
3. On this occasion the flight crew who delivered the Sultan of Oman's VC10 to Brooklands was reunited with their aircraft.

1. Richard King and David Parsons back on the flightdeck of A4O-AB.
2. The marquee filled up with many VC10 fans.
3. Ex-British Caledonian MD Alistair Pugh tells about the Andes incident in which A4O-AB, in its previous guise as G-ASIX, accidentally approached a speed of M0.96.

1. The event was hosted by Max Kingsley-Jones, editor of Airline Business and Flight International.
2-3. The topic 'Flying the VC10' was covered by Chris Orlebar and Mike Bannister.

1. Ex-BA cabin crew member Josie Payne spoke about her second ever flight during which the aircraft was hijacked at Dubai.
2. Captain King told us about his experiences when flying the Sultan of Oman's VC10, which he returned to its birthplace at Brooklands 25 years ago together with David Parsons.
3. Questions from the audience were answered, in this case by ex-BAC test pilot Roy Radford.


1-2. During the afternoon a new exhibition was opened in the fuselage of G-ARVM. This was done by Sir George Edwards' daughter Mrs. Angela Newton.


1. At the end of the afternoon a VC10 birthday cake was presented (and consumed) in the shape of G-ARTA's tail.
2. A small piece of G-ARTA was back at Brooklands for this celebration of its first ever flight, in the shape of this silhouette which was produced from aluminium from the prototype after its accident at Gatwick. These were produced by apprentices and sold in support of the Golden Lion Children's Trust. With thanks to its current owner Mr. Wheeler.

Photos J. Hieminga and J. Downey

The video above was shot by several videographers and edited by Andy Lambert and provides a full overview of the various talks during the day.

Video from Andy's Video

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