Photos, photos and more photos

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Jelle Hieminga
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Photos, photos and more photos

Post by Jelle Hieminga »

Welcome visitors!

I have just added a new section to this site, named the 'Photo Archives'. As the name implies this will be the storage area for lots and lots of photos. Due to the generosity of several people I already have quite a lot of images that will find its way to this section, although it will take some time as I will have to resize all the images and build the pages around them.

For starters you will find images taken inside, and outside BA's VC10s and photos on other subjects. In response to a question I've decided to change the 'default' size of the images on this site to 800 pixels instead of 600. This will make it easier for people to use them as desktop backgrounds if they should wish to do so. A negative aspect of this decision is that viewing the site on a computer with a screen size smaller than 1024x768 might be troublesome. I'm guessing that for most people this will not be a big issue. Let me know what everyone thinks! The images already on the site will stay the same size for a little while longer as I don't have the time to spare on that job!

Enjoy the photos!

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Post by Tonkenna »

They look good, you have obviously been busy.

Tonks :D
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