VC10 on new 2019 TV series “The Crown”

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Wallasey 1
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VC10 on new 2019 TV series “The Crown”

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Hi everyone,
I’ve just seen a few clips from Netflix TV series “The Crown”, and one shot shows a lineup of 4 or 5 Super VC10’s in BOAC colours. Another shot shows one taking off complete with authentic smoke trails. Ahhhh if only....... It looks like multiple use of Duxfords’ Super VC10. Plus a large helping of CGI. Nicely done though. It brings back so many memories.
Jelle Hieminga
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Re: VC10 on new 2019 TV series “The Crown”

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According to the team looking after ZA150 this airframe was used, with a little help from CGI of course :wink:
Buttons . . . check. Dials . . . check. Switches . . . check. Little
colored lights . . . check.
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