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Colin Bates
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Hi Ken

Nice to see your memory for names is still there.

For all you guys out there, I still have the names from our last reunion and recently been in touch with Tom Muncaster, Al Cresswell, Mike Welbourne and left a message with Mike Brokenshire.

More names to contact and will pass them on to Gary and Bill :D
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Re: VC10 GE

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Many thanks for getting in touch a couple of days ago, certainly a surprise phone call - not sure how you found me #-o - through Dubai Air Wing?

Have now read the forum - good to hear of so many of our counterparts. One name not mention Robby Robinson, saw him this summer at Farnborough performing an audit on a Hawker 800, have his card somewhere - will send e-mail address once found.

Another, I have no knowledge of is Graham - foregotten his surname - left GE's just after me (1984) remaining in the air force but moved away

Plse your current e-mail address.

Anyway the re-union sounds great so hopefully will see you there.

Jerry :D
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