Gulf Air VC10 1101 Configs

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Bradley Bygrave
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Gulf Air VC10 1101 Configs

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Hi All,

First post here as I am knew to the world of the VC-10.

I am trying to find out the seat config for the ex BOAC 1101s that GULF Air acquired. Did they retain the F16Y93 config or did Gulf introduce its own?

Kind regards,

Bradley :)
Jelle Hieminga
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Re: Gulf Air VC10 1101 Configs

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I am indebted to John McCrickard for the answer as I was unable to find it myself, but his upcoming book about the VC10 has this to say about it:
Gulf Air VC10 cabin configuration and crews
First Class seats were located in the forward cabin, with Economy Class in the rear cabin, subdivided by a moveable furnishing bulkhead. Two standard layouts were used, similar to those on BOAC/BA Standard VC10s:
-109 passengers comprising 16 First and 93 Economy Class
-111 passengers comprising 12 First and 99 Economy Class.

Cabin crews were initially seconded from BOAC/BA, by 1976 all Gulf Air.
His book is due out soon, keep an eye on the Air-Britain website for any news about it (the latest AFAIK is in this forum post).
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