Hello All

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Georgey Dee
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Hello All

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Hello all,

Just a quick line to say hello and to tell you a little about myself and my link with the 'Queen of the Skys'

My Mother and Father both worked on 10 Sqn in the 70's and were involved with many of the fact finding flights for the relatively new air-liner.

I was lucky enough to be posted to 101 Sqn straight out of training (request) and spend 2 very happy years working on K2s, K3s and K4s.

I have grown up with a picture of XV106 on all of my bedroom walls as far back as I can remember so to start work on my first day was strangely familiar.

Any way - Keeping an eye out for the final flight as I would love to be there to see her off.

Regards :D

Jelle Hieminga
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Re: Hello All

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Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you and your parents have quite a history with the VC10. If there are any stories that you'd like to share, feel free!
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