A Typhoon Sunset

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A Typhoon Sunset

Post by Tonkenna »

Thought you chaps and chapesses might like this:

A Typhoon Sunset... by ZZ330, on Flickr

Tonks :D --+0+--
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Re: A Typhoon Sunset

Post by ACLVC10 »

Cracking shot Tonks :)


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Flour Power
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Re: A Typhoon Sunset

Post by Flour Power »

Very lovely indeed.

If anyone hasn't already checked out Mr T's Flickr photostream I urge you to do so. It's chock full of fabulous top-shelf aviation loveliness. :mrgreen:
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Re: A Typhoon Sunset

Post by FunnyBus »

Only just spotted this, cracking shot =D>
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Re: A Typhoon Sunset

Post by Magnum »

Must be a wonderful sight to be up there so close to those fighters.

I look at wonderful photos like these with admiration and more than a touch of envy.

Annoyingly I work on contract for the MOD but have more chance of going underwater in a sub then I do of sitting in a tanker up in the heavens.
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