Biman scenic flights

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Biman scenic flights

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I had my flight on the Biman DC10 this morning, which was the most enjoyable trip I've taken for a long time :D

The passengers were taken by bus from Gate 65 (the flight crew were sitting with us for a short while), and after a quick photo op, it was all aboard. It was like stepping back about 25 years, and although it was non-smoking, there was nicotine staining on the cabin panelling. The toilets were reminiscent of one on an old British Rail carriage :lol: .The seating was surprisingly comfortable, If anyone here is going on one of the remaining flights, I'd recommend row 9, right next to the L2/R2 doors, so plenty of leg room. The flight attendants were exceptionally pleasant and polite. Ryanair & Co could learn a thing or two from Biman!

We were on the ground for about 40 minutes or so awaiting clearance, and offered a sachet of juice and bottle of water. Once the engines were started, we were off quickly, with a very short and powerful take off from Runway 15. According to my boarding pass, the destination was Black Bushe. As there were aircraft contrails a long way above us, I would guess our cruising altitude was about 24,000ft. Everyone was out of their seats and looking around, so those who took aisle seats still got a good view.

On the way back, were we given certificates, signed by two Biman captains. After a flight of exactly one hour, with a very smooth landing, the passengers were allowed a quick glimpse of the flight deck to take photos, and another chance to photograph the aircraft before returning to the terminal by bus.

After returning, there was time for a trip to the special souvenir shop in the old viewing gallery. There, one could buy a Biman DC10 safety card (n.b. there were none on the aircraft at all :shock: )

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