Anigrand 1/72 VC10 in RAF C1 colours

A place to discuss scale variants of the VC10 design. Topics about die-cast models, kits or any other scale versions are welcome.
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Anigrand 1/72 VC10 in RAF C1 colours

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Yes, a section for vc-10 modelling and models would be great.

I'm in the final stages of completing an Anigrand 1/72 VC-10. To be finished in RAF Support Command delivery scheme.

The link below shows progress on the engine, which although fairly crude, are way better than the hole provided with the kit. The photo has some information on how this was constructed.

I didn't realise there were so many variations in such a small fleet; wing configuration, wing fences, engine pylons etc that are inaccurate with the kit or not suitable for a C.1. Eitherway there is a lot of modifications using milliput, plasticard and a saw.

If there is interest I will share the results and some considerations for this Anigrand kit. It's better than the Magna kit for sure but still a project that requires some creativity.
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Re: section for models?

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Aceebee: Assuming that you're after accuracy, be aware that most of the C1s were delivered when 10 Sqn was in RAF Transport Command. Transport Command became RAF Air Support Command on 1 August 1967 when it absorbed a number of ground-attack fighter squadrons. That lasted till 1 September 1972, when HQ ASC was merged into RAF Strike Command.
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