Very sad video

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Murray Keene
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Very sad video

Post by Murray Keene »

Just bought a video off flea bay the final landings of the old girls - brought tears to the eyes that we will never hear Conways again in the sky or see a PROPERLY designed aircraft with REAR ENGINES! :cry:

I did laugh however as one of the Hercs I used to work on is seen in the background sat on its bum with no donks on it HAHAHAHHA I HATED the C130 - they were flying hydraulic leaks! :lol: :lol: YAAAAAAYYYY scrap all the Hercs -grotty old cargo planes - I bet THEY dont have fan clubs [-X

NOT ONE VC10 ever crashed apart from 5N-ABD which was pilot error trying to land with partial flap and too steep on the glideslope!!! [-X SO Airbus/ Boeing .......doesnt that tell you something :D

RIP dear 'Vickys' you were THE BEST! =D>
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Re: Very sad video

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Now I love VC10's but I also have a soft spot for the old pigs, they regularly low fly in the valley behind where I live and I've come to love the sneaky green meanies. Not so much when they literally rattle the roof tiles and windows at 3am :shock:

I must get a copy of that DVD, I keep forgetting about it so thanks for reminding me!
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