January 2007 update

Changes? Corrections? Additions? New forums? Post your questions, suggestions or comments here. Also I'll try to let you know what's happening with the site.
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January 2007 update

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Hello all,

As announced on the front page I've finally managed to get going again on an update for this site. In it you'll find several items such as:
  • The big update to the G-ARVM page, including photos of its (partial) demise.
  • Two new memory items, a story about cabin smoke and one about a gear problem with a load of Chinese merchant sailors on board.
  • A new page about the VC10 simulators. Currently it focuses on the old BOAC analogue sims but perhaps I can add more about the RAF sims in the future.
  • I've updated the page about VC10 models with two new suppliers, including the new Corgi 1/144 scale models. It's also a bit easier to navigate now that - I've put more internal links in it.
  • On the Incidents & Accidents page there are additions to the demise of XR806, the story about single engined circuits and the Ice encounter of G-ARVB.
  • Last but not least there were some items which fitted the description of 'news'. I've also changed the structure of that page a bit, the older items are now on seperate archive pages (see bottom of page) which should keep the loading times down.
One big change is that the frontpage looks different. I wasn't as happy with the photo on it as I was when I first created that page. Larger screen sizes and better monitors over the years meant that the quality (or lack of such) was becoming apparent but I couldn't decide on a replacement image. I've now added a photo of G-ARTA which was taken at Weybridge after its rollout ceremony. It shows the original configuration of the wingtips and engine nacelles. Perhaps over time it will change again (suggestions welcome!) but for now this will do. It is a nice reminder of how the VC10 got started in life, 45 years ago this year. Another thing I did was remove some of the 'toys' on that page. I had a counter and small clock there which didn't do much except clutter up the page, so they had to go. I still get enough visitors to the site each day to justify its existence so I don't see much need in counting each one.

That's all for now, there will be more updates in the future but my current job is keeping me busy enough so that I don't always have a lot of spare time. One of the things that is 'in the works' is a page about the Russian VC10ski: the Ilyushin Il-62. I already have a great article which was written by a visitor, but I would like to add some photos and other stuff to it. If you have any useful photos please get in touch!

Best wishes for 2007!

Jelle Hieminga.
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