I am BOAC Fan.New Member of this Forum!

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I am BOAC Fan.New Member of this Forum!

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I am BOAC Fan.
My Problem is,i dont speak english! (German+Finnish!)
I search Photos (Privat!) from the Vickers VC10,especially in BOAC Color`s(No only!).
Which of you have such? You make me verry :D !

BOAC and Vickers VC10 Fan!
Jelle Hieminga
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Hi BOAC Fan!

Welcome to the forum! For photos of BOAC VC10s I would suggest looking through the rest of the site, and also the 'links' page. Try http://www.airliners.net, they have lots of VC10 photos.

Enjoy! Jelle.
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I have to say, not the most tactful of names on this site :) , considering BOAC really f***** up the VC10
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I know, BOAC was a lovely airline, and their colour scheme was fantastic, but i can't forget what they did to the VC-10 :-({{|=
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Welcome to the site :D the BOAC scheme looked fab on the 10 I have to agree... despite what they did as an airline :roll:

Tonks 8)
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