server crash 5th Jan

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Jelle Hieminga
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Contact: server crash 5th Jan

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Hello all,

As can be seen on the front page of the site, the server that this site lives on crashed a few days ago. It had been attacked by hackers, and unfortunately the damage was found too late which meant that the backups were damaged too. Fortunately the forum database has escaped relatively unharmed, and I managed to get the forum back up and running again without too many hassles. Some things were affected though:
- Avatars that were uploaded did not survive. Please reset your avatar if you would like to make use of this feature again.
- The last post in the forum is now from 1st January. I seem to remember that something was posted after that. Obviously this did not survive the crash. I would like to ask everyone to look around the forum to see if there is anything missing. Feel free to repost if you feel the need.

I hope that this has been the first and last crash, so let's move forward from here.

I'm still working on the guestbook. It was affected quite severely unfortunately and although I still have all the data, getting it back into the database will be a mammoth task. Please bear with me!

Thanks for your patience,

Jelle Hieminga.
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