April 2003 update (or lack of same)

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April 2003 update (or lack of same)

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Hello everyone,

Although I've got loads of material just collecting electronic dust on my harddrive, you'll have to bear with me as time will continue to tick on for a little while longer before you will find it all on the site. I was hoping to have some more spare time this time of the year but I'll be stuck on a 737 sim in Brussels for the next couple of weeks, which means no major updates until after that!

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the site, it's just that normal everyday life is impinging a bit. Once the sim-flying is over I'll have some more time on my hands (probably more than I'll want to have) and things should get sorted out.

For a while now I've had an ad on the front page of the site promising the story of a hip replacement on a VC10. Unfortunately part of this story has been written by someone else, and recent events (meaning jobs and such) have intervened which has kept me waiting for his input. This is not his fault so no accusing is done here, but to keep all the interested persons happy I might put the page online without his bit of the story. This will give you a taste!

All the best for now!

Jelle Hieminga.
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