The forum has moved (and the website will too!)

Changes? Corrections? Additions? New forums? Post your questions, suggestions or comments here. Also I'll try to let you know what's happening with the site.
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Jelle Hieminga
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The forum has moved (and the website will too!)

Post by Jelle Hieminga »

Dear visitors,

Although the forum on my site is not a busy one, some of you may have noticed that recently the forum has been infested with ads of every kind. This was due to the fact that I was using a free account with this particular provider. When I signed up for it and installed the forum they placed ads on every html page, but with the forum running on php, this was spared their treatment. Recent months have seen a change in this as obviously their software has caught up and can now also place ads inside the forum software. Apart from being a nuisance when accessing the pages, it also messed up the workings of the forum. This, along with some other issues has helped me make the decision to move servers. This means that over time the entire A Little VC10derness website will move to the new location, but for now the first step has been to get the forum running at the new location.

The links in the site have been updated, guiding you to the new location without you noticing it! For those of you who would like to place a direct link to the forum in their bookmarks, the URL is:

Over the course of the next few weeks the rest of the site will be moved too, the new address will be

The address will be updated to reflect the new location, if you use this address to find the site, nothing will change for you!

Any bookmarks that use addresses starting with or will not work after the move, although I will place a redirect page at these addresses to guide visitors to the right place.

For now: enjoy the forum, and keep an eye out for the new location! The new server space will enable me to add many more photos and features to the site.

Best regards,

Jelle Hieminga

A Little VC10derness
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Post by Tonkenna »

Cheers for the email ref the changes. It may be quiet here, but its sill the best site on the 10!! :D

I have at last started to scan all the Ghana stuff (350 pages so far!!! and about a third of the way through). When its in I will sort out the best of the stuff and get it to you. I am going to put together enough stuff so that there is a representative set of Check Lists and as much performance stuff as I can.

I have also got some Ghana Airways Regulated T/O Weight graphs for several airports. These were use to calculate Max available T/O weight and V1. I will write a set of instruction for their use so that our Flt Sim friends can make the experience even more real :wink:

Tonks 8)
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Post by mikefoxtrot »

Thanks for that Tonks :wink:

Every little helps :D
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