VC10 Ground Engineers Association

Looking for someone? Want to get in touch with other enthusiasts? This would be the place to post a message.
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Jelle Hieminga
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VC10 Ground Engineers Association

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Copied from the Guestbook:

Name: Colin Bates
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Carterton, Oxon
Comments: What a great site, well done.

Something that I have been thinking of doing over the years, but I dont think I could have done the justice of the VC10 like you have done.

I am the secretary of the VC10 Ground Engineers Association, and have noted a couple of ex G/E's have visited your site.

If any new Grd Engs (or Crew Chiefs) visit here, please drop me an E-mail. the association would look forward to keeping friends in touch.

Keep up the good work.

GE's wot a grate bunch of bouys

Post by Lauireg »

I will reply to you, you are not alone. Come on guys where are you all. You oldies can't still be dreaming of the days of the Bahrain/Columbo/Honk Kong slip and hoarding you ill gotton gains. (At least I could sit on my wallet) :-({{|=

ex gound engs

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8) we all used to sit on our wallets som e more than others depending on the night stop location or potential location if you can get the captain to give you a stopper which puts you on the ground awaiting parts. delaminated windscreens usualy work easy to fix you just have to wait for the parts to arrive. :lol:
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GE association

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I joined just after the BAH/COL/HKG slip finished so you could tell who the oldies were at 10 cause they all walked with a distinct lope-sided step :lol:

The DCI day trip was quite a good one if you could keep the kite on the ground for more than two hours. (A ground meal there is better than nothing)!

As for delams, I never had a captain who would not except the snag, providing the thing was not breathing in front of his face they were usually happy. (Weell, maybe that was not so true if you were in Bahrain and the Diplomat at the time) =P~
Never had a GE's wallet. It was always empty when I got back but I always had a smile on my face :-)
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