2nd VC10 GE Reunion 11 June 2011

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2nd VC10 GE Reunion 11 June 2011

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Hi folks, hope you had a great festive season and your good fortune extends well into 2011.

Most people already know by now, however for those who have not. We are thinking of having another reunion (with partners) this year. It will be free to attend and everything will be cheap cheap cheap! There will be a host of activities bundled in. We are thinking of having this on Sat 11th June 2011 on RAF Brize Norton.

It will be part of the Station Families Day and as you are aware, there is a host of static aircraft displays/aircraft fly pasts/activities/band/bars/activities already laid on for you to enjoy. There will be plenty of opportunity to bump into old and new RAF Brize Norton personnel, as they will be attending the Families Day anyway. We will place ourselves near 101 Sqn Beer Tent so there is plenty of scope!

It also co-insides with the Queens Birthday flypast over Buckingham Palace and as a result the whole package of aircraft continue onto Oxfordshire to fly straight over the camp as part of the display.

We will have our own tent (or be part of the 101 Squadron tent) to have as a rendezvous point to sit, relax and enjoy. I have volunteered myself as one of the "Station event planners" for the Station Families Day, so I will have a voice in proceedings. The only catch is I may go through a few security hoops for all those wishing to attend. So if you're up for a fantastic reunion courtesy of the boys in blue, then please visit the website - www.vc10ge.co.uk and leave your details as requested.

Thanks all, hope you are all ok and hopefully we can have a brilliant reunion again....

Speak soon

Mick singh
Mick Singh
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