Posting Youtube videos

Post all photo threads, or photo-heavy threads here. (Links to) videos are also welcome here.
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Posting Youtube videos

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Apart from photos it might be fun to post some Youtube videos here as well. An undocumented feature of the forum is that you can post Youtube videos as an embedded video here using the following format:

Code: Select all

You'll need to remove any extra spaces from the link for it to work and the 'abcdefghijk' bit is the 'identifier' of the Youtube video which is present in any link to it. Make sure that you remove any additional bits from the link which are sometimes present if you came to the page through another page!

Enjoy this feature!

January 2016 addition: I have now changed the code so that the link will work straight from Youtube. They have changed to using 'https://' instead of 'http://' and I have changed the code to reflect this. I used to have to remove the 's' but that is now not necessary anymore. I did my best to update all the videos on the forum so that they still embed correctly, if anyone finds one that I've overlooked, just shout.
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