Concorde's last commercial flight

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Concorde's last commercial flight

Post by AJW »

It's 10 years ago today since the second best looking 4 engined jet aircraft made its last commercial flights.

I remember the day well. Dad wrote a letter to my teacher at school saying I had 'an appointment' the other side of Slough so could I slip away from school an hour early!!

We fought our way to the top of the Air Forces Memorial at Runneymede and got a great view of the last three commercial flights landing three in a row into LHR. If only She was still gracing the skies today!!
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Re: Concorde's last commercial flight

Post by Jazz707 »

THE best looking! Thanks for the reminder.

For me, still the most historic aviation event i have ever witnessed. Being among the thousands with the three on the ILS at the same time. Amazing. Remember one or two French flag's in the crowd as well, and couldn't help thinking this wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for you lot! :evil:
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Re: Concorde's last commercial flight

Post by Thumper »

I remember the day very well, I had a terrible toothache and needed an emergency dental appointment. Unfortunately the only dentist available was 120 miles up the M23 and M25 at Heathrow Airport :-)////)

Such a sight and sound, it was chock-a-block with people, some cheering, some crying, a very emotional yet proud day which I will remember forever.
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Re: Concorde's last commercial flight

Post by SamG-BOAF »

I wasn't lucky enough to be at LHR but I remember watching it live on TV.

No other machine brings the emotion, excitement and glamour like Concorde did. It really is the most beautiful aeroplane ever to grace the skies.
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