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Ken White's Photo Collection

All these photos were kindly provided by Ken 'Chalky' White, VC10 Base Sqdn Flight Manager in the period December 1968 - September 1972. They provide some wonderful images of the daily tasks at RAF Brize Norton. Select the 'Up' link on the left to return to 'VC10 Memories'.

File0001.jpg (42038 bytes) File0002.jpg (49271 bytes) File0003.jpg (42215 bytes)

1. VC10 C Mk1, probably XV109
2. XV104 taking off for a test flight from Wisley, note the de-tuner in the background for engine ground tests
3. XV104 at the northern end of the runway at Wisley, this photo was on the postcard that was given away with each in flight package when the aircraft was first introduced. 104 was the most popular aircraft to prepare for Royal flights.
4. XR806 during flight trials

File0004.jpg (60345 bytes) File0005.jpg (60365 bytes) File0006.jpg (53613 bytes)

1. Dressing room fit for VIP flights
2. Lounge fit for VIP flights
3. VIP seating. It's just not the same when you're used to economy class

File0007.jpg (69409 bytes) File0007a.jpg (129707 bytes)

1. A Base Squadron VC10 team having prepared an aircraft for a Royal Flight
2. A clearer version of the group in the picture above. Ken White is second right seated
3. VC10 Base Flight in front of VC10 C Mk. 1 XV107
4. And a larger version of the group. The image may take some time to load fully but everyone should be recognizable

File0008.jpg (29712 bytes) File0009.jpg (41408 bytes) File0011.jpg (41174 bytes) File0010.jpg (44124 bytes)

1. XV107 take off
2. XR806 landing at Wisley on a winter day
3. XV109 departing Brooklands for its first flight
4. XV109 airborne for the first time

File0012.jpg (32739 bytes) File0013.jpg (68310 bytes) File0014.jpg (39658 bytes) File0015.jpg (52654 bytes)

1. Ex-XR809, now G-AXLR, landing at RR Hucknall, Derby, after the first air test with the RB211 engine on the port side
2. The RB211 test engine mounted on G-AXLR
3. G-AXLR with RB211 at Hucknall, Derby
4. G-AXLR airborne during tests with the RB211

File0016.jpg (80521 bytes) File0017.jpg (80855 bytes) File0018.jpg (81152 bytes)

1,2 & 3. G-AXLR undergoing servicing with the RB211 mounted
4. Interesting view of G-AXLR, the only three-engined VC10

File0020.jpg (84588 bytes) File0021.jpg (49352 bytes) File0022.jpg (78982 bytes) File0023.jpg (74505 bytes)

1. Base Hangar RAF Brize Norton, aircraft staged for servicing
2. Base Hangar, aircraft being towed out for ground runs following servicing
3 & 4. Aircraft servicing at Base Hangar

File0024.jpg (92899 bytes) File0025.jpg (77220 bytes) File0026.jpg (82607 bytes) File0027.jpg (56923 bytes)

1. Aircraft servicing at Base Hangar
2. The primary and reserve aircraft on readiness at the Base Hangar for a Royal flight
3. Prior to a Royal Flight
4. Painting by servicing crew on SNCO's crew room wall

Gan130.jpg (26227 bytes) gan131.jpg (32719 bytes) Gan145.jpg (65146 bytes)

1. VC10 landing at RAF Gan, Maldives
2. VC10 on take off from RAF Gan
3. Take off into the sun from RAF Gan


All photos provided by K. White. BAC or Rolls-Royce copyright may apply for some images.

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